Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Really.... what is one to do??

Just had a phone call from someone claiming to be receiving emails from me... which is my business.

The lady says she is surprised that I would answer the phone?? What did she expect me to do?? I am in business to do business with customers.

Would I give her my email address - obviously yes, which I did.

"Do you want to come off my database??" I asked... of course she replied. "What is the email address you want removed.."

"Do you think I am stupid" was her retort... and she went on to say she would report me to ACMA and that I should check where I buy my lists.

Now I ask you... what am I supposed to do? I answer the phone - WRONG - I have a conversation with the lady - WRONG because I am obviously the scum of the earth - I offer to stop sending emails WRONG - she would rather have the Government whack me with a big stick.

My question... is this the same Government who happily ignore safety warnings with the stimulus Insulation program, safety concerns which ultimately lead to 4 deaths and at least 93 house fires... the Governemnt that thinks email about educating the Australian workforce should be punished with multi million dollar fines... funny country this Australia.


  1. She called you.
    She paid the phone bill.
    This is democracy. She paid... you have to deliver her something.
    This is possibly what she expected, but analyzing it closer... she didn't pay the phone bill to you.
    You got her e-mail adress from somewhere and in the edge of the tracing-back record from you to her there was, undoubtly, she herself giving someone the adress to be adressed at.
    It is not - EVER! - yours the fault.
    It's hers.
    That said, and trying to put a light on your question, the government, nor the net, are capable (as till yet now) of blocking harmfull people from sending us what we do not want to receive... but here again... nobody has the obligation to know what WE want to receive.
    Whenever you build a house on anywhere... you do not have the right to forbid people from passing by and screaming at your door.
    You are totally covered by reason and rights.
    It's my point of view in Muzambinho, Brazil, but shall work valid also in Perth, Australia...
    After all.... the net has no borders.

  2. In the lady's mind you were never going to win. When she picked up the phone she had already made up her mind about you. Tall poppy syndrome? I think yes!