Friday, October 16, 2009

eBay at it's MOST unhelpful best!

Hello and thank you for contacting eBay Live Help, my name is Sacha.
May I have your eBay User ID and first name please?
23:19:06 maverickpartnership
23:19:29 Sacha
Thanks, Wayne!
23:19:34 Sacha
How can I help you?
23:20:53 maverickpartnership
Sacha I am having problems logging in. The staff member who used to operate this for us has moved on [about 3 years ago!] and after a change of computer we have been unable to ;ocate the password
23:21:33 Sacha
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that. However, I'd be glad to assist you here.
23:21:44 Sacha
Just to confirm, you tried the "Forgot Your Password" link from our sign in page, but it didn't work for you?
23:21:49 maverickpartnership
When trying to reset the password, you [eBay] send the details to BUT that email address is inactive... how can we resolve this??
23:23:20 Sacha
Ah, I see! In order to help you, I need to verify your information. Could you please provide me with your complete name, address, and telephone number? (Note that eBay would never ask you for sensitive information like passwords and social security numbers)
23:23:48 maverickpartnership
In simple terms we need the password to be sent to my new address
23:24:40 maverickpartnership
My name is
Wayne Mansfield
the person who was operating the ebay account was Jxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
the phone number on file was 08 9xxxxxxxxxxxxx
23:25:18 maverickpartnership
the original address was 47 W m Street E the current address is 19/200 W th 6000
23:26:00 Sacha
Thank you for the additional information.
23:26:18 maverickpartnership
new phone during business hours is 08 9221 0300 and my mobile is 0429 823 325
23:26:25 Sacha
However, the account is not registered under Jemma Turell.
23:27:15 Sacha
In order for you to regain the access on this account, it will be best for you to write an email at and request the account to be access by you.
23:27:20 maverickpartnership
it is her email address as I have been talking with eBay on Thursday
Maverick Partnership is my company
23:28:28 maverickpartnership
I have written to that address, got there answer this evening and they say "log in and change the email address" well obviously I cant do that because that is the problem
23:29:11 maverickpartnership
If you give me the initials of the owner I can confirm full name
we had 16 staff!!
It could be
xxx xxxxxx
23:29:32 maverickpartnership
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
23:29:41 maverickpartnership
or ME!
23:29:50 Sacha
We have those name on file.
23:30:00 Sacha
However, your account has been suspended, too.
23:30:09 maverickpartnership
23:30:29 Sacha
Your required payment amount: AU $35.24
23:30:34 maverickpartnership
becuase of too many log in attempts??
23:30:40 Sacha
It has been suspended for non-payment.
23:30:40 Sacha
23:31:10 maverickpartnership
becuase the email account is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can give you a paypal to fix it now??
23:32:14 maverickpartnership
so please how do we fix this ??
23:33:00 Sacha
You will need to write back to and let them know that you are suspended for non-payment.
23:33:16 Sacha
Then, they will be able to provide you the correct steps to pay.
23:33:34 Sacha
Once, you have paid the account will be automatically reinstated.
23:33:44 maverickpartnership
but I need to be able to log in???? and they took 36 hours to respond
23:33:58 Sacha
I understand that you would like immediate assistance with your concern, however as we have advised you, we do not have the necessary tools or access to help you here in Live Chat. We encourage you to use the email option that we have provided you for the fastest assistance.
23:35:27 maverickpartnership
I need to change the contact address [email] or I will be no better off than I am now... isn't there a phone option?? to take 36 hours to respond isn't an acceptable level of service - as it is now it is 11.35 pm here in Perth
23:35:48 maverickpartnership
Do you have a surpervisor who has more "power" to assist??
23:36:00 Sacha
I'm sorry but there is no phone number you can contact as of this moment.
23:37:02 Sacha
My supervisor is not yet available, you can contact us again after 6 hours if you may wish to be assist by my supervisor.
23:37:08 Sacha
Is that okay with you?
23:38:13 maverickpartnership
No, it is NOT okay. I thought that ebay was a 7 day 24 hour a day company responsive to clients needs?? It doesn't seem that way to me after try since Thursday 10am to resolve this problem....
23:39:04 maverickpartnership
I have been trying for nearly 72 hours to fix this...
23:39:25 Sacha
We are here 24/7 to assist you over the chat. However, there are concern that needs to be fix by using the email option.
23:39:44 maverickpartnership
but they do not respond...
23:40:10 Sacha
Please send at least one follow up email.
23:41:29 maverickpartnership
this is the item number

Subject: RE:GS=C11008 The problem you're having with registration isn't
listed [#AU ?00 ] (KMM7046598I15977L0KM)
23:41:50 maverickpartnership
and the answer was totally irrelevant to my questions....
23:42:51 maverickpartnership
surely you have someone who can assist me to at least progress to having the contact email address changed so they respond to me and not some DEAD email address
23:43:15 Sacha
It's a problem with your registration. Since, you have no access on the email address we have on file and you are not even the account owner registered on the account.
23:43:40 Sacha
In addition, the account has been suspended for non-payment.
23:44:12 Sacha
So, the best thing you can do is appeal the account to be reinstated and request the steps on how you can pay without having any access.
23:45:01 maverickpartnership
I am the legal owner of the business Maverick Partnership.. I can answer the security questions because it is my business but the password was changed
23:46:10 Sacha
The password is never changed since September 2005.
23:46:28 Sacha
It will be best for you to try using the Forgot Password link again.
23:46:54 Sacha
Or, try paying using the password you know. I'll give you the steps now.
23:47:08 maverickpartnership
Sacha I intend to post this message on the Internet to show just how "unhelpful" ebay is to someone trying to reinstate their account, pay outstanding fees, and change the email address... in an age of companies being responsive obviously ebay haven't got the message
23:47:37 maverickpartnership
You are not reading me... I do not know the password - it should have been 2301mans but that doesn't work
23:47:51 Sacha
We account change the email address on file or send you a temporary password if your account is suspended.
23:48:16 Sacha
You will need to write into our web form to request an access to it.
23:48:41 maverickpartnership
Again I have done that and the answer ignores my questions...
23:49:00 maverickpartnership
You OWN paypal and I can give you those details to pay now
23:49:25 Sacha
We cannot pay on your behalf.
23:51:41 maverickpartnership
I have written back to the email help....
23:52:13 maverickpartnership
They took 36 hours to respond first time... how long this time??
23:52:52 maverickpartnership
Obviously you have no authority to help so why would you be on the "Live Help?"
23:52:54 Sacha
It will be 2-72 hours depending on email volume.
23:53:29 Sacha
That's a very good question!
23:53:52 Sacha
Some issues are only addressed through Chat at this time. For example:

Known Good issues
Complex Image Services issues
Complex listing tools questions.
23:54:30 maverickpartnership
I have copied the full text of this Live Chat and will post to my blog and keeping trying to get a sensible answer somewhere in your system
23:55:40 Sacha
Not a problem. You can also take note of Information on Session Number: 2331560 as our chat reference.
23:56:30 Sacha
Before I let you go, is there anything else I can assist you with?

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