Thursday, July 02, 2009

One challenge too many???

Challenges often appear from the most unusual situations and the last few weeks have certainly been that.

Most of you will know that I have had some battles with the Government over the test case under the new email marketing laws and the consequences have been the crushing of our businesses by the imposition of $5.5 million of fines.

Even after that sort of penalty, the Government wants to Bankrupt me, to prove a point I suppose. There has been no reduction in unsolicited emails, in fact many millions more a day have been sent since the law came into effect in 2004 - so go figure??

My partner in the business, Elaine has been recovering from a serious injury experienced in the Asian Tsunami. After 9 operations, and an enforced 6 month hospitalisation from June 3rd 2008 to mid January 2009 when she caught a "super bug" in hospital, which has meant many of the things that have usually been capably handled by her, have been done less than adequately by myself.

Elaine is back on deck and superbly handling the back end of The ThirstyFish program... but still requires 3 times a week intensive physio treatments - a big challenge from a short holiday in Thailand nearly 5 years ago.

All that I can take in my stride and get on with life... a series of challenges to make you stronger I believe. [well that's what I say to myself!!]

and then, out of the blue, ONE TO KNOCK YOU FOR SIX! well this was unexpected...

Joanne and I have been married for 34 years and I don't recall a day of sickness passed a common cold or a little flu in that time.

Well, after travelling to London to see our daughter Eric in May, she returned and went for a check up at the local GP and has been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer that is seriously life threatening and requires serious treatment.

So, a seemingly healthy, non smoking, non drinking, vibrant woman has to face to challenge of huge battle against breast cancer and I have been thrown into a support role which means for that 6 weeks from diagnosis to the first chemotherapy I have been attending to matters close to home.

Erica should arrive home from London soon, Matthew who is in the Middle East setting up our business there, is on his way home too.

The office situation has been resolved with Stacey and Tahya starting this Monday and doing everything possible to catch up with all the promises and commitments made to you and other loyal clients.

So, I apologise for not sharing my situation sooner and leaving you without an explanation but it could have gone a more drastic way.

I think we are back on track... and I will be doing my best to catch up and do more than we have promised for all of you.

Thanks you for the kind thoughts and best wishes. Joanne and I appreciate them.

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  1. I was just discussing today about how people are being stripped of their stuff and money in order to remove the barriers to realizing what is really important and to me family and health are biggies!

    We have been experiencing challenges, but nothing like this. I offer my LOVE, healing energy and God's strength to bring you and your family through such devastating events. There is only LOVE...all else is not real.

    Don't worry about us...priorities have been revealed :)