Friday, March 20, 2009

Half Empty Or Half Full?

A new Fortune Small Business/Zogby Poll has found that a little less than half of small business owners say that they have been affected by the recession.

What is really remarkable to me about these results is that if you listen to the media, every business in the US is on the brink of disaster.

The fact that 57% have not been damaged gives us hope that the entrepreneurial engine we need to pull us out of the recession is ready to grow when the time is right.

This sounds right from what our customers are saying.

Photo by Rgahen

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  1. I sold about the same amount of items but made about half as I did in the year 2007. I found more customers bought lower priced items then the previous years. I kept my head above water but had to find new ways to get customers into my shop and to buy. If I didn't sell over the net I would have folded under.