Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alpha Inventions and Traffic Generation

We are running some experiments to try and differentiate between page views and actual visits from Alpha Inventions - notwithstanding the fact that what makes people “click” on your page is whether it is interesting enough for them to want to read what it has to say. That is the final measurement of the value of your own site.

But, certainly getting Alpha Inventions viewers to see your page on their screen and to have the opportunity to make the choice of “visiting” you or not has got be to your advantage. As I say, this is an experiment in progress and we will be reporting our outcomes very soon.

Now you are here have a look at the Maverick Spirit Newsletter and let me know what you think.


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Thanks for the pointer.

  2. Anonymous1:15 am

    I'm straight from alpha inventions.
    The maverick newsletter:
    It's got an obituary on the front page.
    the newsletter seems comprehensive. I like the quote of the day. :D