Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pinelli Frontignac and Peaches

The Swan Valley just near my home in Perth has nearly 100 wineries all which have their own style of wine.

Pinelli's on Benara Road sell"bulk" table wine and mt favourite is a sweet white - Frontignac. I know it's not what the wine snobs would do but Joanne and I buy it in the 2litre bottles, chill it, and add fresh peaches... aahhh it is amazing!

So tonight we had a 9 egg omelet and a couple of glasses of Pinelli's Frontignac - like the tears of angels on your tongue!!


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  2. Anonymous5:48 pm

    That sounds really wonderful! I envy you the warm weather you must be having now... It's cold and gray here in Germany, but the winter nights are made more cozy by a few bottles of red. Our favorite at the moment? A very inexpensive Kaapse Pracht from South Africa.