Saturday, February 28, 2009

Qantas Club Wireless Internet Perth

Wireless connection

The Qantas Club in Perth still have not split the area into plebs and superstars, you know the new Business Qantas Club where you need to fly business or be a Platinum member - I used to be one of those, and those others who respect the valkue of their dollar and take the best airfares availbale.

Do you know the difference between normal RED SPECIAL rate and Business class, Perth to brisbane, is $1,600 yes $1,600 to have a slightly bigger seat and better wine!!

Free internet so I was able to set up and do a couple of updates on Twitter and continue to talk with new friends. Good wireless speed and the new netbook the Lenonovo Ideapad 10 must have better wireless aerial because the connection was easy and the speed was GRTEAT.I used to have problems with my Medion computer with weak signal... maybe I was too quick to blame Qantas.2. Arrival in Brisbane early and the problem of two bags. You can’t go to the Qantas club because they won’t let you back through security with those nasty sharp bits in your luggage.Coffee would be good BUT they don’t open early enough for visitors from Perth.

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