Thursday, May 04, 2006

Matt Furey and Crabs

From Matt Furey's GREAT blog..

"This is a story about crabs. Not the groteque skin-crawling
sort either. I'm talking about crabs you can actually trap
and eat.

Legend has it that when you place a whole bunch of crabs in
a bucket, invariably at least one crab will get the idea that
he should climb up the sides of the bucket and escape to

Funny thing is, as soon as the courageous crab nears the
top of the bucket, all the other crabs conspire to pull it back
in. Hence, crabs never get out buckets.

This metaphor perfectly illustrates HUMAN behavior as well.
One of the things we like to do is categorize and slot. We like
to organize and 'pidgeon hole.' And once we've done this, we
can relax and pretend that all is well with our world.

But then along comes someone with NEW ideas and/or

Uh-oh. Alarms goes off. Bells sound.

'What is this person trying to do. Who does he think he is.'

'What's up with her - trying to get herself fit. What are you doing -
trying to lose weight or something. Why are you doing all those
exercises - think you're going to win the Mr. Olympia or

'Oh ... NOW you're doing bodyweight exercises. Whatsa matter,
weights too tough for you.'

And so on."

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