Friday, November 02, 2018

Stop watering dead plants

Hard Work or Long Work
I am listening to one of my favourite podcasts [ James Altucher ] have a long discussion [ 90 minutes ] with one the world's great thinkers [ Seth Godin ] about the difference between Hard Work and Long Work... I am struggling with my decision to do Hard work but his explanation is helping.... he says it takes courage to do hard work because long work is easier. The example is cheap hourly work on Fiverr or holding out for meaningful work where it doesn't take as long but you are rewarded better.

I am currently holding out for rewarding work but the temptation to do long work calls every day.
The Ah ha moment in the talk came - hard work has a minimum viable audience and you know you are on to something when some people "get it and others don't... in my case that is Rebootology - what to do in your fourth life in the sharing economy.
As they say in the classics... I feel better now... and I can stop watering dead plants.

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