Friday, January 06, 2017

Everything Happens in 3’s

Keeping a positive disposition is some times difficult. I have often created rules for seemingly negative things so that I can keep going without getting too distracted.

For example, I am happy to pay a parking fine if I knowingly parked in the wrong place or over stayed a meter... and I consider the fine is just an invoice for my fair share of parking revenue. This certainly helps me keep a parking fine in perspective... for all the times I didn’t pay the correct charge, the fine evens things up.

Similarly, I don’t get too upset with an occasional speed camera fine... I believe our speed limit in 2016 is too low - 100 or 110 km/h in Australia with our distances is just too low. And if the road toll for 2016 is any indication, hidden cameras and the non appearance of real police servers no purpose as the toll stubbornly stays high and last year jumped. So, I don’t speed but if I get a ticket for 10 km/p over a limit I just accept it as part of driving. So Sundays “flash” from a hidden camera when I was doing 87 in an 80 zone, 200 metres from the 100 km/h sign will be paid without anger and it didn’t upset my day when it happened.

And things in 3’s?? I don’t go too much for this but Joanne swears by this fable... a famous person dies and she is looking for the next 2 to turn their toes up. The last few weeks of 2016 with all the celebrity deaths had her looking for patterns of 3!

Well, last evening, I had my third instance of an budgeted expense over $1000 or more... and I hope that the Rule of 3 comes into play as it is costing too much. Case Number 1: We have a Bengal cat, Blu we call him who as an uncanny ability to vertically leap more than a metre in the air. He is convinced that people live behind the Television and can sit in front of our big screen TV and jump up and over the screen to try and catch whatever is behind. This amazing skill has been amusing until just before Christmas he missed his footing and dragged the TV off its standing and the screen shattered. So, cat 1 - TV 0 and we need a new TV for about $1000 - you try filling in an insurance claim with “the Cat did it” and see what happens... I haven’t lodged the claim because it reads as unbelievable. Case Number 2: My faithful car, a Ford Fairlane purchased new with just 23 kms on the odometer over 12 years ago has served me unfailing well. But when I got in to make the drive to my mail box, after inserting and turning as usual, the key drew a blank when I tried to start it ... luckily it was still in the garage. The mail had to wait! Now days, mechanics come to you so I got one of those mobile mechanic services to attend. He was a very pleasant young guy, Ryan is his name, and he said that is a “known Ford fault” where a $1 item fails but you have to replace the whole steering column and the full job is $1700. Well when spread over 12 years it seems OK... Case number 3: Yesterday I came into my office and all the computers were at the “start prompt”... apparently some issue with power?? As we have had a few 40c+ days, with all the air-conditioners on so I thought that was to be expected. I rebooted the machines and everything seemed fine. Later in the evening my main Desk Machine had a screen freeze - “No problem “ I thought but a reboot didn’t work. Apparently the power surge [ or what ever it was ] took out the motherboard and my computer guru told me that they were no longer available for repairing so a new machine was required... apparently “about $1000” would fix it he said, and computers are much better now anyway. So you can see why I am hoping Joanne’s Rule of 3 applies because this has become a very expensive 3 weeks off without a holiday.. and I really don’t want another excuse for a “$1000 fix.” I am holding my breath... and hopefully, we will be back to normal soon. [ I am remind of going 24 hours without complaining.... advice I gave a few days ago... some how advice is so much easier to give than follow! ]

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