Monday, June 27, 2016

Best price - a promise or a "bait and switch "The BIG hole that swallowed my leg?

The BIG hole that swallowed my leg and iPhone

The screen shattered - wow!

iPhone 6 drama [ some would say a first world problem!! ] occurred on a recent trip to Bali for the CoWorkingUnConferenceAsia2016 [ and that is another story! ]. While walking between restaurants in Ubud Bali, I stepped into a VERY BIG hole which swallowed me whole.

You can see that apart from skinned knees, a dented pride the damage was focused on my iPhone screen... completely shattered!

Back in Perth I was quoted $160 to fix it... but when I arrived they said it would be $300!! Isn't that illegal? - bait and switch? That was iRepair - so be careful.

Eventually I got the apple shop to do the job at about $275 and a great job they did.

MY POINT: Be careful of getting a quote and then being told, for whatever reason, that isn't available and being suckered into the higher figure... days later iRepair's web still quoted $160 for an iPhone6 new screen.

OK I am no calm.

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