Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Taxis... don't they get it??

Brisbane Taxi Driver
In Brisbane on Monday my experience with taxis epitomised why new comers like Uber are making in roads.

Airport to City:

When we got in the taxi, the driver asked for our destination:

My reply - the Christie Building on the corner of Wharf Street and Adelaide Street. The drive reached for his GPS... now, if you know Brisbane at all, Adelaide Street is one of the main streets in the Brisbane CBD near a major taxi rank, and Wharf Street is a major road in the CBD going to the river. So, we have a driver who doesn't know the way from the airport to the centre of the CBD.

Later in the day: From the Christie Building to the domestic airport [ Qantas Terminal ].

Driver: where are you going....

Me: The airport...

Driver: which is the best way said the driver??

And then he started to punch that into his GPS. I told him not to worry as I knew the way.

Then I asked him... "Radio station are you listening to?? "Oh the local Indian station!"

I asked him how long he had been driving - I am just new... but I have lived in Brisbane for 2 years.

My question to those how are the Taxi Industry "Is this the level of service you give for a premium service?" And then I would say, is it any wonder Uber are making such a glorious start.

And on that day in Brisbane the Taxi Industry was protesting to the government to have UBER banned... hopefully they will react and give better service... but that is a empty dream I fear.

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