Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Jordan Belfort SUCKS...

I am sure that is what most people think... but I have a different perspective.

Often a skill is used the wrong way... in Belfort's case he perfected STRAIGHT LINE SELLING and used it to rip people off. And as we will see if we read the book, or go to the movie The WOLF of Wall Street, his life was on of excess and a big fall.
I have just finished both of Belfort's books and I have also just watched a couple of videos... I am inspired to create wealth using my skills to write and sell... and make a difference.

Belfort says: No matter how big your screw up, you can come back"

My mantra until 2020 is:

Success belongs to those who can lern, unlearn and relearn... let's get there together.

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