Friday, February 15, 2013

Political Correctness gone crazy

Wayne Mansfield
How should you react to feedback that accuses you of being "offensive and insensitive?"

I got just such an email after presenting my Cold Calling for Scardey Cays seminar in Melbourne on Wednesday. I have presented the session over 200 times, and we always get written feedback immediately the sessions finish and there was no indication that anyone had been "offended."

However someone, who didn't attend, wrote to me and said how awful I was. And for good measure had reported me to "the politically correctness police."

I think I should ignore the conversation as to "plain wrap" my presentations would make me just like everyone else... nice but INEFFECTIVE.


  1. Anonymous7:46 am

    After 200 presentations and no complaints, I'd say to ignore them OR thank them for the feedback and keep it moving. You can't please everyone, but you're pleasing enough of them.


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