Friday, June 29, 2012

TweetDeck Step1 to Mastering Social Media2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield.

This is the first in our series of 23 Steps to 
Master Social Media 2012.

I'm working through the 23 steps that we follow, 
that have allowed us to be one of the leading social media marketing operations anywhere in the world.

Step one, We're going to talk about the best, in my opinion, obviously, the best application that allows you to watch what's going on with your social media exposure. 

I'm talking about TweetDeck. I've been using Twitter for, maybe, four years, a fair while. I've got over 100,000 followers within Twitter. People often ask me how I'm able to keep up with what's going on.I keep up using TweetDeck.

Which also allows me to look at what's happening 
on Facebook, and look at other accounts that we're managing, either for ourselves or our clients. TweetDeck was originally a program created in London.

It was so, so successful that at some point, the Twitter people, 
themselves, bought it back, I understand, for $US50 million to bring it in-house. There's a couple versions of TweetDeck, and, of course, it's available on the iPhone, as well. We use TweetDeck, and these are the advantages we find.

You can select who you follow by creating smart lists. In those smart lists, for example, I have people that I correspond with on a regular basis. I have people that I also share interests, like Triberr, which is one of the blogging applications we use, or Empire Avenue, or Celebrities,
or people who write books, or authors.

All I need to do, out of that 
100,000 followers, I look at about 200 people who really interest me.
Because the way that we use it as a broadcast mechanism, and the idea to have a big a spread as we can possibly have.

For the best way to look at 
what's happening with your social media, particularly focusing on the broadcast part of it, which is Twitter, we recommend TweetDeck.
Check back  soon for Step Two of How to Master Social Media 2012.

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  2. Great tip! I've been using Hootsuite. I'll have to give TweetDeck a look. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the info on Tweet Deck Wayne!!