Sunday, December 25, 2011

Social Media with Richard Branson

I have just finished reading Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson. Great read although not a well written book.

Branson asks us to see the world as a place that capitalism can do good and the result is that business will benefit.

There are many examples of Social Media at work... I love his portrayal of the size of the market where people earn less than $100 a year. And he says that social media will unlock this market for us.

According to World Resources Institute Asia and the Middle East have up to 2.9 billion people with an income of $3,47 trillion, and added to East Europe, South America and Africa we get to a $5 trillion market... what are you doing to grab part of this to do good and grow your business.
Here is a sample of the review of the book in Bloomberg BusinessWeek:
Richard Branson
As prose, Screw Business As Usual is clunky and repetitive. Even as a publicity ploy, it’s inelegant: Each chapter ends with a list of Virgin’s philanthropic Web addresses, Twitter handles, and Facebook pages. But as a manifesto from a compassionate one-percenter, Branson’s book is a well-timed call for a more ethical way of doing business.
If we take him at his printed word—and his past success with Virgin demands that we at least trust his business instincts—Branson’s endorsement of socially responsible business practices could catch the attention of even the most profit-driven corporate titans.

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