Monday, June 01, 2009

Lenovo Service - Lift Your Game!! part 2

I though that I would try again to get some satisfaction in getting my Lenovo S10 IdeaPad netbook fixed... remember last week I couldn't get through to the service "hotline" after nearly an hour waiting.

Well this evening 6pm Perth time I tried again... on the theory that a 24 hour 7 day a week service might not be busy at that time - being a public holiday and all here in Perth.

Success occurred in phase one of the process: from the Lenovo web page is says 24/7 you can call 1 300 557 073 Option 1, Option 3, Option 2, Option 1 phew... my robotic american friend started saying "Your call is important etc..." when a real live american voice came on Dennis L Coleman answered.

Well, Dennis was pleasant enough BUT he was in New York, it was 6am there and he really didn't have a concept of the distance from Perth to Sydney where lenovo's ONLY authorised repair centre is located. Let me say that again - Lenovo's ONLY authorised repair centre is in Sydney.

I asked Dennis if he realised that Sydney was 4000 kilometres from Perth and that 7 to 10 working days was an unacceptable wait for the repair of a noisy fan. [Geez Portacom in West Perth have a guaranteed 4 hour turn around or replacement machine AND they sell Lenovo's too]

Dennis's answer was unacceptable so I asked to speak to someone who had some authority and he asked me to call back in 4 to 6 hours as people in new York didn't come in for another 4 or so hours... so much for 24/7 service!!

I purchased my Lenovo from Harris Technology - part of the Coles mega group which includes OfficeWorks who are currently still selling Lenovo machines. You'd think that there would be a realisation that there should be service available in Perth given that that's where Wesfarmers who own Harris, Coles and OfficeWorks has its Head Office... so, I think this will be a long drawn out customer service saga.

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