Monday, July 31, 2006

The Chocolate Box

Dear Wayne,

As usual reading & enjoying The Maverick Spirit & I read about Dinki Di Confectionery. When you are in Melbourne (or you can mail order) & you want to feel a bit better about Australian made Dinki Di Confectionery, come to one of the 8 branches of The Chocolate Box.

We have our Family owned business making & selling most of the Dinki Di Confectionery that you have mentioned & we all appreciate. We have a variety of our own Rocky roads (inc our latest Chilli flavoured one), superb chocolate coated sultanas and macadamias, clinkers, Sparklers (our version of Freckles) and lot & lots more.

Unfortunately a number of the products that you mentioned are now owned by Cadburys & similar multinationals.

Gary Adler
The Chocolate Box
15 Chapel St, Richmond,
Victoria, 3123
Tel 03 9428 0122 Fax 03 9429 0155
Mobile 0412 357 420

Be Choctomistic

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