Sunday, September 28, 2014

D'oh $176m Loss for Masters

D'oh $176m Loss for Masters

No rocket science needed to explain why Masters is a dog for Woolworths…

It’s Sunday in Perth and megalith Bunnings’ Morley store is open at 7am… and the carpark is crowded… and the cash registers are signing as people rush in to get their supplies and off home to finish the task before going out for lunch.

Just 3 km down the road Masters Bayswater store doesn’t open until 11am… and Sunday is done for most DIYers but as we wait for the doors to open, the staff park… not at the back of the carpark so customers ight park close to the door but RIGHT UP FRONT in the bays conveniently marked out by management with neat BLUE LINES.

And nearly every staff member is a smoker so, light up on the way to the staff entrance, and but the cigarette out, or not, on the ground near the customer's door because there are no cigarette bins anywhere…

We make our way in only to be bold over my a Masters staffer driving the floor polisher straight at the flock of customers trying to get in.

So, blind freddy and the drovers dog know that when the customers come second, the cash stays in their wallet.

The article I am reading on The Australians website says Woolworths will loses $176 m this year and look like they will write of $2.1 billion before turning a profit. And the head office MBA’s look at cutting costs so they can get to break even quicker… as Homer Simpson would say “D'oh”

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