Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blogger is my PREFERRED blog as step 20 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

One of the old faithfuls of social media is the blog...check out

Welcome back. This is Wayne Mansfield, talking about my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

One of the old faithfuls of social media is the blog,
and we have a number of these, but the one I'm going to talk about today is the one,, or another address you can get to it is So, that will tell you that we use Blogger as our preferred platform for doing this step of social media, which we call Step 20.

Now, social media relies on a number of things.

We say that Twitter creates the noise, so you need to have lots of followers. In my case, I have more than 100,000 followers.

Facebook is a bit of a conversation. I have about 4,000 friends and a number of Facebook pages, so that we can have conversations with people with that.

We've talked about YouTube, which is the preference of people under the age of 40, how to get their information, so we have a YouTube Channel. But, all those things in the end, there are still lots and lots of people who like to read and absorb the information that we're sharing.

So, on that, we have, which is a blog, as I said, written on Blogger. The only reason I do that and not WordPress, most people say why don't you use WordPress, I was an early adopter here, and I know the Blogger platform backwards and for us to change over would be a little bit of a problem. And another reason is that Google is a commercial operation, so they host, they allow you to have the ads on your site, and they do lots of things, and I know not to believe this to be true but I do anyway. I think by being on Blogger, you get indexed on the search engines quicker.

Step 20 of the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media is to have an effective, a current, an often updated blog that you promote across all the other channels of social media.

I've just finished doing the post to my blog for Step 2 of Social Media 2012. I put that on Blogger and then I tweeted it, I put it on Facebook, I added it to Google Plus, I put it across to Triberr, and by tomorrow this time, this is being recorded midday today, by tomorrow this time, we will have had 1,000 new visitors to our blogs who will see our information, who will give us the opportunity of making some revenue, because our blog optimizes for ad words and affiliate marketing. So, it's a fantastic thing.

Once again, Step 20 of my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media is get yourself a blog. I recommend Blogger, but there is no reason why, if you are using WordPress, you shouldn't use that.

Until next time that we have a chat, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for dropping by.

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  1. You are right Wayne... Blogger offers lots lots more exciting things all the time so it keeps your blog dynamic... And if you choose to- it is all for free- what more can you desire from life???