Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Floods, floods and Danny Green

Sometimes I wonder about the Aussie press... I think I mentioned it yesterday too.

Yesterday the CBD of Brisbane was flooded as the river continued to rise... and chances are than 8000 homes and businesses will be underwater by Thursday as high tides and flood peaks collide... and the official death toll is 10 from Monday and 52 are still missing.

And the lead sports story - full page back cover [the most read page of our West Australian Newspaper!!] is Danny Green may never fight again!! This is about the same bully who couldn't get the nurse at Busselton Hospital to give him morphine before she had a Doctor check him... the same boffune who caused such a distubance the police were called... and we give the likes of him full page coverage!!

I say, "Come on, fairs fair, to the editors of The West Australian - stop giving these idiots oxygen for their stupid utterances about themselves and boxing... a brutal "sport" at best."

Am I on the wrong track>> Is it me who is delusional?? I hope not but let me know.

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  1. It's the same old , boring common sense defying reason - $$$. The immediate gratification at the dear cost of long term benefits.
    What example do these sport 'stars' give the young ones , who often look up to them.
    Cousins and a long string of disfunctional individuals are some of Australia's favourite sons. These 'sport stars' are not just tolerated and accepted by too many people, but are elevated to almost reverence - so a front page of a major Newspaper goes without saying. It's no big deal.
    Something is wrong with the evolution of the western society because distinction and protection is given to people who continuously commit crimes like bashing old people in their own homes, people who hurt children whichever way ( including parents), rapists, graffiti & public transport mention just a few. Sorry for the long comment, and thank you for the opportunity to vent my frustration on this topic.
    Best wishes to you, Wayne and your family, for 2011, may health and abundance follow you.