Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stupid Stupid Stupd me not eBay

CAnt access account because all stuff being sent to OLD STAFF MEMBERS email address that I disabled for "obvious reasons"... so I in my quest to get back into account we have no idea that the said exstaff member changes the password...

eBay will ONLY send stuff to old email address [duh!] but now says $35 is owing and we must pay to re-instate account...

Here are the instructions:

> 1. Go to:
> You may be asked to sign in.

Without said password... can anyone tell me how?? we can sign in??

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  1. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Believe me Wayne. eBay are not the only ones whose systems aren't set up to deal with the separation of email addresses and passwords.

    The ones I (used) to love when I was working was when you would phone up to say you could not connect with their website and the response is "just send us an email about the problem" Duh. If if could send your website an email, we wouldn't be having this stupid conversation.

    Unfortunately, having email addresses hardwired to passwords is fraught with danger for businesses who let their staff access internet accounts on behalf of the business. e*commerce is so far behind where they need to be to deal with this - but question it and they revert to e*luddites.