Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Desert Mums Update – May 9th

Desert Mums Update – May 9th

The Mums have decided that they would like to give everyone a glimpse of their day whenever possible…...particularly to the many of you who email with wishes of support, love and encouragement…..so here is a report from their short sat call tonight…..…

Day 5, May 9th...walking...The Desert Mums are 186km into the Simpson Desert and currently camped 120km east of Purnie Bore on the WAA Line (why oh why couldn’t Den have got them closer for a beautiful hot bath in that bore?).

They walked 30km again today keeping their routine, although walking much slower - the track is now almost non existent getting deep and sandy making the going tough – the dunes are towering ahead of them between 20 to 40 metres high. Daunting stuff, especially towards the end of a long, hot day, but our girls just keep soldiering on.

Caroline has “honking blisters” (thank you Georgina – the gel plasters are a godsend), Susan’s knee is bandaged but holding up, the Debonator is still laughing…… and Margot now knows not to wee near a snake hole (and is NO LONGER concerned about the others!!).

All, without exception, are missing home terribly but enjoying the journey nonetheless.

Denis apparently decided to change course and take the Mums on the scenic route to Birdsville (well, he does love the area), which means more kilometres than first anticipated. Knowing Den as I do, I think there is more to this than is being told at the moment. Stay tuned. I’ll find out…..........I’m a wife – it’s my job.

The Mums report that the shirts are holding up just fine thank you Herb. They were allocated precious water rations today to wash their tops – they thought the smell may be keeping the camels away, however, on the other hand, they are all are beginning to think dreadlocks are a good look.

Canadian Kathy, their videographer, is having a blast capturing the amazing beauty of a landscape so foreign to her own in British Columbia. This documentary will be worth waiting for.

Until tomorrow - best wishes from The Desert Mums

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