Monday, May 08, 2006

Desert Mums Update – May 8th

Monday 8th 4 walking. The Desert Mums awoke this morning at 5am to Denis’s tarzan call. Incredibly cold at 4 degrees Celsius. The Mums set off at sunrise decked out in jackets and beenies to tackle their next 30km.

Carolyn now has two blisters. Susie has aggravated a knee tendon. Deb can’t stop laughing (she now has sisters in pain – she is still plodding on stoically – we don’t call her The Debonator for nothing), and Margot is still concerned.

Kathy filmed two hours of material for the documentary today – she spends many hours in the vehicle with Denis and will know the Simpson Desert better than anyone when she finishes. Den loves a chat, particularly on subjects near and dear to him – she will have information overload.

The Mums have left the clay road and hit the sand on the WAA Line. Nature so far encountered is two recently deceased camels and a curious bird. Still windy during the day, but no one is complaining about the slightly cooler temperature and fewer flies.

Another $80.00 was collected for the National Breast Cancer Foundation from the only two vehicles they saw all day. They had been following the Mums’ footprints in the sand. Three radio stations interviewed the Mums today by satellite phone which is a wonderful way to spread the news of their cause. They are all in high spirits even though the 30 kms are getting longer and harder to finish each day.

The support crew, however, is spoiling them at the end of day camp – Andrew is giving out foot massages accompanied by a fine red from Chateau Cardboard. (What a man – just for one moment, I wish I was there!).

Susan’s daughter Milli (4 years old) insisted that her mum take her pink breast cancer bear so it could ride with Grandpa Den Den. Denis has the bear positioned on top of his roof rack with a pink breast cancer ribbon tied to its little paw. His call sign to the girls on the two-way radio is “Pink Bear to the Desert Mums”. No doubt it will be “Dirty Pink Bear” in a week’s time.

There have been many messages of encouragement, support and appreciation for the Mums efforts over the last few days, both via their website and direct to me. So many people are touched by the loss of those near and dear to them caused by this terrible disease and they have shown their support by also donating to the NBCF through the website. The girls call themselves “just ordinary women”. I am sure you will all agree that they are “extraordinary women”.

Stay tuned for the next update in a few days……..unless anything REALLY notable comes to hand in the meantime.

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