Monday, May 15, 2006

The Desert Mums – Update May 14th Day 10... walking…

The fire light dancing on the wall of the Mums’ tents was a nice treat this morning for Mother’s Day—that, and yet another Tarzan wakeup call from Den.

Everyone had their tent packed up really quickly so they could stand by the fire and defrost before they started walking. The camera crew (Kathy) is threatening a strike if there are no morning fires! (Apparently they get going so early, they don’t bother – heck I agree with union action on this one!)

More soft sand dunes were conquered today before the Mums hit Peoppel Corner. They did the usual dance around the stakes. (For those of you who are not Australian, this is the spot where the borders of three states meet on the Australian map – Queensland, South Australia and The Northern Territory.) Augustus Poeppel was the surveyor who sorted all this out late in the 19th century, and is now honoured with his name on a peg – lucky lad!

The girls were surprised to see five motor bike riders today - a dad and his four sons from Port Macquarie. It was pretty exciting for the Mums to see five black leather-clad bikers screaming over the top of a dune, and after a quick “hello”, to quickly disappear again once they had crested the next one. The noise of five motor bikes shattering the desert silence, even for that short time, must have been surprising……if not unnerving.

Now, these girls aren’t silly ……… but we knew that………. “It’s MOTHERS DAY and we’re sore! We’re only walking 20 kilometres today” came the call. Anyone who knows Denis, also knows that he can be a total softie at times…… the Mums spent the afternoon beside a massive (dry) salt lake eating and drinking “the contraband”. Among other goodies, they enjoyed Canadian choccies (smuggled by Kathy), Baileys Irish Cream (Susie’s effort) and champagne (to which no one is owning up). “Where did the bloody wine glasses come from?” yelled Den. Sshhh…………..that was me….. …..they’re only plastic so surely that doesn’t count!.

This of course means that they now have to complete at least 30km every day, but they have assured me that they are ready and up for it!! Sounds like the inevitable wall that they hit on the 12th has been knocked down, kicked out of their way and marched over!! That’s our girls!!

They have 164km to go……..they have really broken the camel’s back – that is if there was a camel to be seen anywhere!!! They are ALL in high spirits, happy and excited.

I read out all the Mothers Day wishes on their speaker phone tonight to the Mums and I think there were a few little tears, but they are admitting nothing. However, there was a chorus of ‘thank you’s’ echoing down my handset for all of you who sent an email for them today.

As I hung up, they were off to enjoy another of Den’s culinary delights and asked that I send love and best wishes to you all. ………from Jeanne on behalf of The Desert Mums

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