Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Desert Mums – Update May 13th

Day 9... walking..

Well the old saying “Tomorrow is another day” certainly rang true for the Desert Mums. Today was a much better day than yesterday, but then any day would have been better than yesterday. Maybe the realization had not yet hit home that they were past the half way point (too busy putting one foot in front of the other to take that into account?) ….…..or maybe it was just all those bloody flies??!!!!!! Whatever, it was a new day today, and lucky 13th saw them triumphant in announcing that they have now walked an amazing 248km.

The Desert Mums reported tonight - “We have walked, limped, hobbled and shuffled with a few aches and pains, but it is easily put into perspective - our pain is nothing compared to what women with breast cancer go through.”

Today was made extra, extra, extra special by two wonderful couples met on the track who had a camp oven! This is almost better than a car fridge!! Last night they cooked an apricot layer cake for the Mums and it was delivered to them on the French Line about morning tea time – lovely – a new slant on home delivery in the middle of the Simpson Desert. It was scones that were promised the day before, but hey, apricot layer cake! – nobody was complaining!!

Today felt really “deserty” for the Mums with lots and lots of steep wind blown soft sandhills and a couple of salt lake crossings. If you view the attached map you can see the lakes clearly as they head north then east towards Poeppel Corner.

The traffic was obviously thick today as the Mums reported that two guys went past with a canoe on their roof rack – they got a little excited for a fleeting moment thinking there may be water ahead – no such luck! Wonder where those blokes were going ……. or had been??? Taken a wrong turn maybe? ...hhmmmm.

Tonight they are camping 10km west of Poeppel Corner in a beautiful patch of gidgee trees. These desert shrubs have very hard wood and make wonderful hot, long-burning fires – no doubt they will be sitting around a warm blazing campfire with a cup of Gloria Jeans Coffee (maybe even spiked with some of Andrew’s “contraband”). I must add here that the girls made theirs yesterday morning on the water drawn from beneath the desert the previous day. It tasted wonderful apparently – the water must be better than that in Adelaide!! (or Gloria Jeans has very good coffee!!). Andrew has the method down pat and can brew the perfect cup - Deb reports she could not survive without it.

Tomorrow the Mums will reach 375,000 average steps - which is one step for every life lost in this world every year to breast cancer.

Kathy walked the last 10 kilometres today with the Mums - they enjoyed having her as a “temporary” Desert Mum for that short time. Both the Mums and Kathy have had many, many warm wishes for their Mother’s Day tomorrow which I have passed on to them tonight. No doubt it will be a bitter sweet day for them, but they have asked me to send their thanks to everyone who has emailed their love and good wishes.

PS The report is that there are no camels in the desert. It’s official. Yep…and they go a bit further ….there are no animals in the desert!!

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