Friday, May 12, 2006

The Desert Mums – Update May 12th

The Simpson Desert

Day 8...walking...and what a day!! (tired sigh here)...

The Desert Mums are all doing well, but very glad to see the end of this day as they hobbled on sore feet into camp. They think it was tougher because of the extra weight from the flies!

“Denis needs to learn that thirty kilometres is made up of a three and a zero (i.e. 30) not thirty point five, thirty-one or thirty-one point three!” (Whoops! I think Den just got a verbal smack).

Today the Mums headed north along the Knolls track and only had to climb a few dunes as they were mainly walking along the tops on the soft wind blown drift sand (with the flies). The Mums have renamed this area Death Valley. They walked into Death Valley quite happy and seemed to have walked out with a kink in their personalities. It must have been the 19,456 flies that walked with them, on them and at times, in them. Oh, and did I mention the extreme heat?

They have walked 218km and are just past their half way mark. They have collected $225 (for the NBCF) on the track and a promise tomorrow of hot scones (for THEM). God Bless the scone lady they met from Queensland. Apparently she’s cooking roast lamb tonight, and the Mums almost deserted. Den would have been gutted…..he told me last night that he had created a gourmet delight for the crew of canned stew atop instant mashed potato and dried beans, all delicately sprinkled with parsley flakes (now, this new role as chief cook – “chef” doesn't enter the debate - is very foreign to him - he NEVER cooks at home – not even barbeques – so a rejection of this kind would have been devastating!).

Apart from filming, Kathy has been playing housekeeper today. She has rearranged the newly dug up load in the support vehicles and now has everything in an order that would be acceptable to most people of the female species.

Denis has reported that all the girls have niggling injuries, but he also said that he has no doubt that every one of them will finish the walk. They are brave and determined, all the more so for not focusing on their pain or discomfort (as they said last night, “blisters etc are boring”). Well I’m the reporter, so I’m reporting: Debonator is managing her blisters, Carolyn’s are not so good, but she keeps on going, Susie’s recurring back problem has flared up and Margot’s back has developed a definite curve at an unnatural angle, so she intends to sleep sitting in the front seat of a vehicle tonight. She walked all day like this, and so she will tomorrow. Can anyone come up with a name to equal our Debonator’s for this girl?

Tonight The Mums are camped 3 kilometres past the Knolls and still haven’t seen a live camel. They live in hope.

Until tomorrow... four very weary Desert Mums wish you all goodnight.

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