Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Desert Mums – Update May 10th Day 6 - Walking

The Mums were up at 5am after a noisy night of curious camels and dingos skirting the campsite.

The 27km today pushed the Mums 165km from the start of the desert (now 147 degrees east of Purnie Bore on the WAA Line). The walk is hard going, very sandy, and the Mums were slammed with heat and flies from midday onwards.

Carolyn’s blisters are massive so she somehow puts one foot in front of the other. Margo is soldiering on with only the occasional grimace (this is no time to be concerned about anyone else). Deb is happy with a spring in her step (Debonator style) and Susie believes that a little touch of pink lippy would remind everyone that somewhere deep inside still lurks some form of femininity.

They are following plenty of camel and emu tracks and are convinced that they’ll breach some huge dune and find some live animals waiting to meet them. The kilometres are passing with lots of lateral thinking puzzles (as you do).

Kathy, (videographer), is doing what every Aussie bloke would love to do.

Everyone is still in high spirits, especially after arriving in camp tonight to find that Den had erected a bush shower – they washed their hair too and Den had even shaved – I have not had a report as to whether Andrew has decided to what all blokes do when in the bush, and let his beard grow! I must ask next call. All seven souls are now smelling like roses – no wonder their spirits have lifted.

At the time of the call tonight, Den was in a bit of a spin. They had arrived at their first supply dump today, and his camp was in a bit of disarray. He and Andrew had to dig out all the goodies (buried to keep nosey dingos at bay) and get the two support vehicles packed again for the next leg of the journey. (Just to explain – the desert is the driest Denis has ever seen it in over 80 crossings, and he was concerned that to attempt to tow the magnificent trailer supplied by Great Divide Camper Trailers for this journey could be dodgy at best given the slippery and unstable state of the dunes. He therefore elected to err on the side of caution and leave home ten days earlier than planned. He unloaded the trailer at Birdsville and stocked up the Landcruiser, making two trips into the desert securing two supply drops along the route.)

The Desert Mums really appreciate your emails coming through. They’ve asked to say a big hello to everyone who is following their journey and they love hearing from each and every one of you as I read out your emails nightly.

As hard as it all is out there, Susie says “If it was easy, we wouldn’t be doing it!” Now that’s the spirit!

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