Sunday, May 07, 2006

Desert Mums - an inspiration - May 7th

Sunday May 7th…….day 3 walking... done and dusted. The Desert Mums and team are in high spirits. The Desert Mums would like to thank Julie Kite from Harvey World Travel for getting them to Alice Springs safely and efficiently. The still emotional and rather jumpy Mums really enjoyed the safe landing after the 1 ¾ hour (bumpy) flight to Dalhousie Springs. Thank you Ingrid from The Alice Springs Aero Club. After a lovely swim in the 38 degree water of Dalhousie Springs, and the last hot bath for many weeks, it was an early night for the still tired, emotional Desert Mums.

Day 2 – an early start and dawn had not yet cracked. Denis has planned a 7 kilometre warm up walk – to the Dalhousie Ruins – nowhere near the Simpson Desert and in the opposite direction to Birdsville, our ultimate destination. A drive, then lunch at the western edge of the Simpson Desert before a 17km walk. It was a bit warm and the flies were out in force.

Day 3 – another early start and the first big 30 kilometre trek. The routine is 10km then a sit in the sand (under the blazing sun) for a snack, then another 10km before the lunch break……then the last very hot 10kms. Did we mention the flies?!!!

Susie was emotional, Deb has developed a blister, Carolyn had a migraine and Margo was concerned.

Day 4 – Up at 5am and very windy today and a bit easier on us to make the 30kms. The wind kept the heat and flies away. Deb has another blister, Carolyn is chasing the toilet paper in the wind, Susie is white with calamine lotion and Margo is still concerned. The night is freezing.

Awesome support crew – the Mums do not lift a finger when they get to camp at the end of the day. Denis is happy with the progress, but still cannot believe that Andrew packed the golf clubs, samurai sword and yoga mat!

Our best wishes to all and chat with you after the next 30 grueling kilometres.

The Desert Mums

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